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The full sheet music for "Dancing Fool", including verse and lyrics,
can be found at the Indiana University website 

Bruce Stangeland
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Hi Listers,

Does anyone know if there's a verse to Dancing Fool, written by Smith/Wheeler/Snyder and recorded by Eddie Condon (with Fats Waller on piano) for Commodore Records? They don't play a verse on the recording, but it comes from an era when verses were normally part of a tune. I used to play this with a Dixieland band in Glasgow, Scotland about 40 years ago. Without a DJML to turn to in those days, we made up an intro and verse that fitted the short chorus pretty well, but I've always suspected there was more to the tune than Condon recorded. If anyone has a lead sheet, I'd be very grateful, as I'll be struggling to remember what we invented back in the '60s.


Ken Mathieson


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