[Dixielandjazz] Danny Alvin

Don Ingle dingle at nomadinter.net
Thu Sep 18 14:45:22 PDT 2008

peter coop wrote:
> i am interested in any bio info on danny alvin and especially teddy walters. i have reason to believe i may be related to teddy walters. i notice you refer to teddy walters as deceased. any info on cause of death or circumstances?
>          best,peter coop
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I worked with Joe and Adele Marsala in 1960 and was privy to many 
stories about Alvin. He was part of the Italian version of the Austn 
High School Gang, though not certain all of them finished high school 
wherever they went in Chicago.
Joe noted that Danny loved to tell stories in Italian accents, and some 
were very funny - sort of like Joe and Danny working like Abbot and 
Costello but in dialect.
Joe's brother trumpeter Marty was part of the clique, and over the years 
they often worked gigs together and recorded -- I am sure our list mate 
Bill Haesler could come up with a discography.
Danny was a good drummer - more Chicago style and dixie-oriented than 
big band style, but a good timekeeper all the same.
Working with Joe was a great experience. I met a very young (16 years 
old)  student of his, Bobby Gordon there in Aspen and he was already 
showing great ability. Joe's mentoring influence can be heard in Bobby'd 
plsying today today.
Adele played jazz harp -- or serious classical. She sang a Ravel ro 
Debussey French  song or a claaaic German liter, then would swing on 
harp as good as most horn players could hope to.
This may not address your question so much as to evoke some others to 
enter their information and memories, which of course is a  prime 
purpose of this list.
Hope that helps or at least informs, Peter.

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