[Dixielandjazz] seeking neede for JVC al-f3 for 33 rpm turntable

PHIL WILKING philwilking at bellsouth.net
Mon Sep 15 12:33:17 PDT 2008

Try this place:


Phil Wilking

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From: "Norman Vickers" <nvickers1 at cox.net>
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> From: ed middleswart [mailto:middleswart at juno.com]
> i have a turntable with defunct needle... i have tried replacing and could
> not find any one locally, so tried internet and was sent something that 
> did
> not fit.. thought you must have old vinyls you play occasionally and would
> see if you knew of a dealer  that carries turntable needles?? my turntable
> is a jvc al-f3 about 20 years
> old. 

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