[Dixielandjazz] Four-City Seven + One

Dick Sleeman dick at sleeman.nl
Sat Sep 13 01:21:25 PDT 2008

Hello Marek,

> Does that name ring a bell?

It does! The band still exists.

> I've just bought a second hand LP,
> Multiple Swing, wirh Bud Freeman featured on three tracks.
> They do not give the recording date, but tha back cover still
> proclaims that it is playable mono.

The LP "Multiple Swing" is from 1976, the first one, "Dixie is back in town"
is from 1973.

We also have a CD out, from 2004, called "It's wonderful together again",
with a slightly different line-up: no saxophone, another drummer and me on
trombone and euphonium. Contact me off-line if you would like to know
where to purchase it.


Dick Sleeman,
The Four City Seven,
 dick at sleeman.nl

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