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Lowell Bushing and I have been doing the sound in the Hangover Room at the
Sweet 'n' Hot festival for many years. When Jack plays, the room is always
filled to capacity. Of course, much of the reason is that Jack is a triple
threat - his tasty playing, his singing and his humor.

Stan Brager

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There is a new DVD out on the life of Jack Sheldon.  It is called 
"Trying To Get Good"  The folks that made the video have a web site at 
www.TryingToGetGood.com and the cost is less than $30.00 shipping 
included.  I got mine yesterday and it is really a gas.  Several years 
ago we had a discussion on this list regarding Jack.  I remember 
commenting that Jack used to go to the steps in front of the Music 
Center in LA, put out a hat and practice.  One member suggested that I 
didn't know what I was talking about and there was a good possibility 
that my parents had never married, they were a little late,  but they 
did.  In the video, Merv Griffin tells the same story about Jack while 
he was playing on his band.  If you are a Jack Sheldon fan this video 
is a must, if you don't know Sheldon's playing then do yourself a favor 
and get it, and if you have decided anyone born in the first third of 
the 20th century is too new for you, try it you might like it.
Randy Fendrick
Southside Chicago Seven
Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra, ret

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