[Dixielandjazz] Verbal chaos

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Don, I think the pronunciation of schoen (actually auf Deutsch with an umlaut over the o) with the hidden r is just how Americans hear the sound of the o mit die umlaut.  It is pretty hard to put the o and e sound together, and it almost sounds like there is an r in there.

Which reminds me of a cartoon a high school friend of mine put in my freshman yearbook.  It was a picture of Donald Duck with this horrendous opening in the front of his beak and a look of pain in his eyes.  He captioned it "Donald Duck trying to say [u with an umlaut].

Hal Vickery
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  Gerard Bielderman wrote:
  > I wonder how Americans pronounce the surname of Eddie Condon pianist 
  > Gene Schroeder.
  > I expect to get different pronunciations!!
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  I have heard it pronounced by some who worked with him as Sch-road-er 
  and as Sch-raid-er.
  A hotel by that name in Milwaukee was always called by tthe second 
  version, but most times I heard him by both.
  To non-German conversant Yankees, it was always a puzzle to how they 
  pronounced Schoen, or how they seemed to use a hidden R in it. Ah, well, 
  we have enough of a puzzle speaking Yooper or Cracker over here (Upper 
  Peninsula of Michigan as opposed to Georgia and Florida.)
  Of such are bar bets made!
  Don Jansen Ingle (who is glad that his ancestors didn't debate long over 
  using Gaelic or Dutch once they landed over here). Yours truly, a Yankee 
  Doodle Dandy who's"melting" long ago went to "pot,"

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