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Chicago jazz DJ Dick Buckley always used to have fun with Schroeder's name.  Most Americans would pronounce the oe (actually o with an umlaut in German) as a long o like shroder (rhymes with loader) or a long a like shrader (rhymes with trader - in fact there was a car dealer in Peotone, IL who called himself Trader Schroeder (rhyming, although I used to have fun myself calling him "trader shroder").

At any rate, Buckley said that when he heard Schroeder pronounce his name, it came out sounding like shroider.  So whenever he'd play a record on which Gene Schoeder appeared he would say, "Gene Shroder-Shrader-Shroider on piano."

I took a couple of years of high school German over forty years ago, but I generally pronounce it with a long o and not the umlauted o because everybody would just say, "Huh?"

Hal Vickery

Hal Vickery
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  I wonder how Americans pronounce the surname of Eddie Condon pianist Gene 
  I expect to get different pronunciations!!

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