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I agree with you completely about the excellence of the Midnight  
Serenaders.The Mississippi Rag will be running a review of their "Magnolia" CD  in the 
August RAG, which I hope to release the end of next week. All the  musicians are 
wonderful, and the selection of tunes is great. Our website  address is 
_www.mississippirag.com_ (http://www.mississippirag.com) .  (Our reviewer, Bill 
Schafer, liked the CD as much as I did.) I definitely  recommend it.
Leslie Johnson
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Hi  all,
I was cruising through CDBaby tonight and found a CD called   
"Magnolia" from a Portland, OR group "Midnight Serenaders." None of   
the personnel rang any bells (but I am away from my main computer so   
I could not search old DJML messages) but in any case, you all might   
like to give them a listen. VERY OKOM!   they do mix Hawaiian  style  
into some of their tracks. Some of the members have been with  Rebecca  
Kilgore (and many other groups.)

here is their  myspace:

and  website:

good stuff!

Dave  Richoux

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