[Dixielandjazz] (no subject)

Paul Gorelick drpag at flash.net
Mon Jul 21 14:35:11 PDT 2008

Hello to all.  I have been reading threads for a couple of months.  This is
the first time I found how to post a message.  I'm not that well computer
oriented.  Some time ago I asked for anybody that had the only recording of
Dave Wierbach.  Somebody did and I purchased it.  For me it is the best New
Orleans Jazz/Dixieland of anybody I've ever heard.  With the banjo prominent
in every recording in a terrific group, I cannot understand how he went out
of business because nobody purchased the album.  My question is, on many of
your threads you mention New Orleans Jazz and Dixieland.  I'm having a
difficult time in separating the two.  Can they be separated or does the
term New Orleans Jazz imply Dixieland.  Thank you, Paul

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