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Hi Dave and DJMLers: If I had a time machine I would gladly bring them  back. 
Both Darcy (Bob) McDonnell and Dean Coleman were friends of mine.  They were 
both excellent trumpet players. Dean and I worked the Alameda County  Fair for 
about 5 summers playing in a strolling German Band with some of the  sidemen 
and subs of the Guckenheimers; it was great fun playing from the  Whoope John 
Wilfart Book and playing Ach Du Lieber Augustine, and other  German warhorses 
with these seasoned pros, making the purposeful flub without  insulting the 
Dean had the ability to play effortlessly. We would trade the 1st and 2nd  
trpt bks each hour. He would throw in a cadenza sometimes without warning  that 
was amazing and fit perfectly. Of course the next hour when my  turn came up 
on the same tune he would look at me out the corner of his eye  as if to say 
"can you top that?" I never could.
I had the honor of working 2 gigs with the Guckenheimers around 1967...one  
at a festival in Lake Tahoe at Valhalla (where Godfather II was filmed) and  
the other for an art fair at a winery in Livermore, Ca. 
Richard Gump, George Lichty, Paul Faria, Dean Coleman and Darcy McDonnell  
exhibited comic genius without crossing over to embarrassing  buffoonery to the 
delight of the audience. Above all they were musicians.
Art Wood
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tubaman at tubatoast.com writes:

This  band has been mentioned (in awe, or something) many, well,  
several  times on DJML. This website (which I have absolutely nothing  
to do  with) seems to go into excruciating detail, worthy of the fine  
music  the band was known  for.


But you be  the judge!

Dave  Richoux

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