[Dixielandjazz] Willie and Wynton

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Tue Jul 8 20:51:50 PDT 2008

Did everyone interested find the five minute video of this?  I enjoy  it so 
much that I don't care to argue what genre it is--or whether it's an  orchestra 
or a band.  LOL  Ginny
5039&sr=1-1) <
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barbonestreet at earthlink.net writes:

>  Kay Spencer <kay2840 at yahoo.com> wrote  (about Willie and Wynton)
> Steve & all,
> I  find Amazon.com very convenient to sample exerpts from CD's. In  
>  this case if you search "wynton nelson" in the subject "Music", the   
> CD you are curious about pops up first on the list.

Thanks  Kay.

You can hear samples of the CD  at


I  loved them and just ordered it.

Steve  Barbone


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