[Dixielandjazz] Woody

Brian Harvey brer.rabbit at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jul 6 13:48:34 PDT 2008

Nancy wrote...........

he is getting high-profile gigs for that band
and gaining exposure to a younger audience.

That was my original concern, originally voiced within this forum fve years
or so ago after seeing the band in London. The concern being that young
people seeing this band, and in particular its reclusive, monosybilic leader
could be put off "our" music for life. In London he was as poor as musicians
I have seen fired for similarly diabolically incompetent performances.
Surely this type of show, far from atracting young people, is far more
likely to put them off. That's what I said years ago and nothing that has
been voiced here recently gives me any reason to change my view.
Woody may be a fine comedian, film director and actor but a fne jazzman he
is not.
Brian Harvey

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