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Randy Fendrick wrote in response to the Bill Crow link---

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Bill Crow has written a couple of books re: humor among musicians, Go 
to his web site and order them,  they are some of the best I have read  
re: musicians
I have loaned both to other folks so cant cite the names just now, but 
look on his web site, they are well worth the money and useful for one 
liners on your gigs. (tax deductible in the US).  One I remember right 
now is Frank Rehak coming into an early morning gig looking like he had 
stayed up all night and the conductor wanted to make an example of him, 
so he asked Frank to tune the orchestra.  Rehak took out his trombone 
and, with no warm up,  played a perfectly in tune A two octaves above 
his tuning note.  That shut the conductor up.

Norman Vickers responds:  Thanks Randy-- Crow's two books are 
Jazz Anecdotes and From Birdland to Broadway.  Crow writes a column for NYC
AFM Local 802 "The Band Room." No doubt the stories in Jazz Anecdotes first
appeared in his column.  Personally, I don't have access to the AFM
newsletter but some are reprinted with permission in the newsletter of the
New Jersey Jazz Society and  New York friend  classical and jazz pianist
Russ Kassoff forwards these to me sometimes and I send Crow's columns to the
Musicians list which I moderate.

Recently I was rattling around in pianist/composer/ lyricist  Dave
Frishberg's website.  He has a number of jazz anecdotes including one about
a disastrous rehearsal with Benny Goodman.  After a hassle with Goodman's
manager, he finally got paid $12 for the rehearsal.

Repeating my invitation, one can get on the Musicians and Serious Jazzfans
list which I moderate.  It's easy to get on and off-- just ask. Pass this
invitation along to friends who you think might be interested.

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