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Wed Jul 2 13:11:01 PDT 2008

I had seen "Wild Man Blues" a couple of times as a  very old friend played 
with Woody on that tour and if the concert I  had attended here in Palm Desert, 
Christmas, the year before last, had been  up to that quality I would have 
been happy but it wasn't. I didn't expect much  but what I heard was the most 
horrible sounds coming out of a Clarinet since  learning to play in the 4th 
grade. I left after the 3rd song and my mother  followed after the next. I was 
embarrassed as this was my mom's Christmas  present.
I also know a musician who played with Woody's band on  that tour and is 
still playing with him now and if you really want to know what  the very good 
musicians who play with him think, you need to ask them. They do  it because the 
money is good not because of the music and playing is far  from being pleasure 
but a pain for sure referring to his playing as a  truck horn.
I know the New Orleans style and although it's not my  favorite, I love the 
San Francisco style of Lu Waters and Turk Murphy best, but  do enjoy NO when 
it's done well. Woody Allen has never met a pretty note  and the only reason he 
gets the chance to play is because of his money and his  name.
What I fear the most is knowing that there are some  who went to hear him for 
the first time thinking that maybe there is  something in this music they had 
missed and after, left with the idea that  this is what OKOM is all about. 
Talk about helping in the death of what we love,  this man can kill it all by 
himself and BTW, I do know the clarinet. I played it through High School  and 
after with the Women's Army Corps Band and you had to be pretty good to be  
accepted as a member in that band. I was far from being the best, but I do know  
what a good clarinet should sound like and Woody Allen's playing, is  most 
definitely, not it.
Just my opinion but there it is.
Jazz Hugs
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Hello  Judie,
As Steve mentioned in a reply to me (on-list), every musician has  a
bad day.  I've heard a Voice of America LP by Condon on one  side,
Bobby Hackett on the other, and whichever side I played, it  sounded
worse than the previous one!  That, despite the great line-up  on both
I've never heard Allen live, but I've heard recordings,  and he sonds
great on them.  I did not like the film - they hardly let  a tune to
end there, and it pictures Allen as a rather abominable  person.  But
even there the music sounds good.

On  01/07/2008, JBruno868 at aol.com <JBruno868 at aol.com>  wrote:
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> barbonestreet at earthlink.net  writes:
> Here is a review of Woody Allen at the Montreal Jazz  Festival.  After
> all is said and done, he communicates to, and  entertains the  audience
> and that's what it is all about  according to Louis  Armstrong.
> Cheers,
> Steve  Barbone
> Oh, please don't get me  started again  on this man and his playing again. 
> you ever  heard him do "Turkey in the  Straw" where he sounded worst that  
> real turkey, you have no idea how  bad a clarinet player can  sound. It was 
> worst return on my $150. I ever   made.
> Jazz Hugs
>  Judie
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