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Pogo was one of our greatest philosophers.

The IRS is the enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve, in itself a  
front for the world banking elite.  They are appointed bureaucrats  
outside the democratic process.  While they may technically be  
Americans, they are not "us".  It is interesting to note that a  
growing cadre of former IRS agents have quit and are raising their  
voices against the draconian bureau whose very existence is illegal.   
Don't get me started.

The most important thing to this list:  They don't swing.  They never will.


Quoting Ron L <lherault at bu.edu>:

> I'm not much into politics, Dave, however, I believe the IRS is a
> collecting/enforcing arm of the US government, which in theory is us, that
> is ourselves. So I guess Pogo was right.
> Ron L
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> Hear Hear, Elazar!
> The world is loaded with parasites who live off the efforts of
> producers, people who actually DO the work. The IRS is a prime example
> and I'm sure we could all come up with an endless list.
> You're spot on regarding terrorists too - bullies are the same
> regardless of race or creed.
> Three cheers for Israel!
> Dave
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