[Dixielandjazz] "20s-30s Fake Book (C)"

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Thu Nov 29 12:29:42 PST 2007

Sheik, Awesome job of compiling all those verses--that alone will get you  my 
order.  But just to have something to razz you about.  I had to  chuckle when 
I looked at your short sing along list.  When we head out to  Senior Centers 
in this area they sing along and know the words to  everything.  Example:  
Last two spots "When Pigs Fly"  performed, half the audience was singing along 
when we did "A Good Man  Is Hard to Find" and "Hard Hearted Hannah".  I always 
plan about half the  program in such locations to be sing a long and take along 
sheets with  words to those tunes.  But guess that gets some in the singing 
mode and  they just sing along on all that they know which for these crowds is 
just about  all of 'em.
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dwlit at cpcug.org writes:

Hi all.  My "20s-30s Fake Book (C edition)" can now be ordered.

I'm taking the  master to the printer this afternoon; they'll print a
"proof" copy,  presumably by tomorrow or Monday. I'll review it, do what's
necessary,  presumably they'll have it in their production queue early next
week.  Usually books are ready in a week or less, but this is Christmas
season, so  maybe longer.

See the contents list on my  website.

If you want  to order it, go to "Books" for complete ordering info. Click
on the "Order  form" link. Please print out the form and use  it.


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