[Dixielandjazz] That Mysterious Ray Ellington Tune

Dick Baker djml at dickbaker.org
Wed Nov 28 16:11:13 PST 2007

To my request for a tune ID, John D responded:

>It sounds familiar but perhaps only because I have heard it in one of BBC
>radio's "Goon Show" programmes from the 1950/60s. Is this where your
>recording came from ? If so do you know the name given to the actual show
>....... each show had its own and often silly title e.g. The Dreaded Batter
>Pudding Hurler of Bexhill on Sea. I have around 120 of these Goon Shows on
>MiniDisc so it will take time to listen to the Ray Ellington feature in each
>of these shows. Even then, there might be a problem of ID'ing that
>particular tune as most of Ellington's contributions were not announced.
>In additon to Ray Ellington (ldr, dms,voc) the other musicians were usually
>Laurie Deniz (g), Coleridge Goode (sb) and Dick Katz (p). There is a bio of
>him at: http://www.goon.org/usgoons/ellington.htm

It is indeed from a Goon Show, one called "The Kippered Herring Gang" (#5 
of the Vintage Goons series).

And I do indeed know about goon.org:  I'm the proprietor.

      Dick Baker
  djml at dickbaker.org

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