[Dixielandjazz] No wonder live music is in trouble

Ric Giorgi ricgiorgi at sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 26 07:51:01 PST 2007

You know things in the music business are bad when you see bands
begging for a place to play. <snipped>

<I reply>
Bad is right. I keep telling others that to play for nothing tells
people that nothing is the monetary value of the music - if you play
for little, your music is worth little. Buyers will pay but you have
to ask because they'll pay as little as they can and your agreement
determines what the music is worth.

There was a book called "Getting Ahead in the Music Business" urged
young musicians to just play. Anywhere anytime for no money, just
get the experience. I though it was bad advice at the time but I
think those young musicians (now much older) think it's still good
advice. Argh!



PS - I'm NOT telling anybody how to do anything and if I had all the
answers 'the churches would be full and the prisons would be empty'.

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You know things in the music business are bad when you see bands
begging for
a place to play. And then advertise working "cheap". Veteran pro
Shoot, they can't even spell "musician" correctly.

No &#$#@#&#$#^%*& wonder live music is in trouble.

Steve Barbone

Below ad seen in San Francisco Bay Area Craig's List.

Blues Trio Available.......cheap
Reply to: comm-488760018 at craigslist.org
Date: 2007-11-25, 7:25AM PST

Three veteran, Pro Muicians who all have other bands, but enjoy
together, have a "just for fun" Blues Band. This allows us to work
cheap for
your Club, Private Party or event. We just need you to give us a
place to

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