[Dixielandjazz] Dixieland Fake Book

Kevin Yeates kyeates at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 25 20:46:22 PST 2007


"I just checked my lead sheets and see that the count
is up to 2521 minus some single digit number that
accounts for a minor number of duplicates."

That is an incredible number but I only need about 100 - 200 
charts.  I can't imagine ever needing over 2000. 

"I should point out that most of the
tunes you may want are probably in Sheik's book(s).
You should compare the cost of your effort $ for 
the software and probably not just Sibelius...Moreover,
some sources (like Anderson, from which both Sheik
and I have started, plus Lou Brown's book cost me money."

The tunes may be in Sheik's book or elsewhere, but I want it in Sibelius format (I have been writing in Sib for years) so I can change the key whenever I want as well as well as print out a "C" Treble clef and Bass Clef as well as a Bb Treble Clef version.  No fake book allows me to change keys and do the above.

"I've invested in many records or mp3 downloads
and some sheet music, or I've invested a large amount of
time listening to streaming copies of finding sheet music 
on the web..The result is that it has taken me 4 years to
aggregate the list of tunes I show on my website and I
know Sheik has invested even more."

I was able to predict how long something like this would
take, as you have confirmed for me, and that is why I 
was suggesting this be a joint project - many hands make
 light work.   

It sounds like you have quite the package in your fakebook
but it far exceeds the info that I need and lacks the flexibility
I am looking for.  

I am pleased to say things have started well on this fakebook 
project.  I am hoping to be able to continue to update this list
with good news as it continues to develop.

Kevin Yeates
Vancouver, Canada

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