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Don Kirkman donsno2 at wavecable.com
Sat Nov 24 23:49:52 PST 2007

On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 21:52:07 -0800, Robert S. Ringwald wrote:

>If any of you were around Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco in the 50s, 
>you might have been a fan of Red Blanchard.  I certainly was.

>To relive those days, check out http://www.redblanchard.com/

>--Bob Ringwald K6YBV
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Thanks for this post, Bob.  You've made my day - no, my year.  I had the
best of all possible worlds in the 1950s, living in Berkeley and Marin
County, listening to Red Blanchard and Bill Weaver on local radio and
catching Jim Hawthorne with T. Ernie Ford from Pasadena via the evening
long skip.  I gradually lost track of all of them but Tennessee Ernie. I
knew Red was a ham, but I'm not sure I ever knew his call.  And I've
still got a few years to go to match his 60 years under license, but I
look good to make 50 years in a couple more tries.

These guys and others like them were my idols and mentored my musical
tastes.  'Tain't their fault I turned out the way I did.  Musical
fillip:  "Turn your radio on!"

Old age brings pleasant memories, sometimes of things that really

Don Kirkman N6IM

"Old age brings pleasant memories, sometimes of things that really happened."
-- Don Kirkman

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