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Thu Nov 22 09:36:03 PST 2007

> It's really very simple. Music and musical talents are gifts from God. Once
> given, some people use them for His purposes, and some people just use them.
> Some people grow and develop them, and others do nothing at all with them.
> Some  go to the point of abusing them.

There it is, plain as day.  Amen Brother Bill!

We're all flawed creatures.  But to the extent we honor the gifts God  
has given us, to that extent do we manifest the elements of beauty and  
harmony that are the very earmarks of God.

Look at the staggering array of gorgeous music spawned by those  
wishing to honor Christ's birth.  Look at the fantastic art by the  
Rennaissance masters who used their talent to honor God.  Look at  
Bach, Beethoven, Handel and a host of other composers who used their  
talent to share their love of God and His word.  What about Isaac  
Newton who gave us the very foundation of all our advanced  
mathematics?  Did you know he penned over a million words on his  
analysis of the Bible and equa-distant letter sequences? The list goes  
on and on.

The point here, friends, isn't to thrust "religion" in your face.  But  
when evil is thrust into MY face, I will always respond in a way that  
is congruent with my integrity and with an eye towards giving an  
account of myself to God one day.

I do not stand in judgment of Frank Rosolino or anyone else - I've got  
my hands full trying to deal with my own failings!  But to those who  
imagine that music is SEPARATE from your spirit, separate from your  
heart, perhaps you should consider the fact that unity is never found  
in division?

I am saddened by the tragedy wrought by Frank Rosolino.  And yet (as  
is so prevalent in our politically correct culture today) everyone is  
bending over backwards to understand, sympathize with and even JUSTIFY  
his actions.  What about his family?  What about the son whose life  
was ended so viciously?  The victims always seem to be thrown out in  
the trash while we wring our hands and moan about the poor perps.  It  
seems to me that we seek to justify evil in others so we can feel  
better about ourselves.

It is always chancy to discuss religion and/or politics on any kind of  
list.  Feathers are ruffled, lines are drawn and opinions fly like  
spears between opposing forces.  For that reason, I ask you to forgive  
me my opinions.

It is Thanksgiving.  I for one am embracing an attitude of gratitude  
and wish you all an abundant and joyful holiday.

Dave G

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