[Dixielandjazz] Teddy Buckner's cornet

Bob Romans cellblk7 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 21 15:19:05 PST 2007

Hi Fellow Listmates...
I'm in a quandary. Some of you might have an idea of where this cornet should end up, like in a museum?
About three years ago I bought a silver-plated Benge Shepherd's Crook cornet on Ebay that was Teddy Buckner's last cornet...I know because in the case is his calendar book, about 25 of his business cards, and his tune list. Also a leather case that can hold 4 cigars, and a mute and a rubber plunger with his initials scratched on them, plus two old mouthpieces which I would guess he has used for YEARS from the lack of silver plating...no brand name on either one.
The cornet plays beautifully, BTW!
Three LP's that are hardly used.
1.Crescendo, Gene Norman presents Teddy Buckner and his Dixieland band.
Autographed by Teddy, "To Don and Pat Danito."
Musicians; Joe Darensbourg, clarinet; William Woodman, trombone; Harvey Brooks,, piano; Art Edwards, upright bass, and Jessie Sailes, drums.
2. An empty LP cover...Bravo! Bechet-Buckner  with they're pictures on it.
3. An Evening With Teddy, Feb. 21, 1978. 
This one still has the shrink-wrap on it.
Musicians: Jessie Sailes, drum; Art Edwards, bass:John (Streamline) Ewing, trombone; Chester Lane, piano; Chuck Thomas, saxophone.
4. Aircheck # 10. On The Air Volume One  
(There are two of these albums, one still in shrink-wrap, and one opened).
The opened one is also autographed, "To Don and Pat Danito." 
Musicians are not listed. 
Recorded at Club Hangover, San Francisco, July 16, and Aug. 6, 1955.
There are two of these albums, one still in shrink-wrap, and one opened
Warm regards,
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