[Dixielandjazz] Hooray for Mr. Big Bison Dog

David Gannett evidence at otelco.net
Wed Nov 21 14:31:51 PST 2007

Hey Don!!!

Man, GREAT to here from you!  I soak up your playing every week on XM radio 
and always marvel at how easy and solid and swinging you make it all sound! 
I sometimes wonder why Jim even bothers with drums with YOU on the bass! 
I'm starting to play a little again after the accident four years ago that 
took out most of my teeth and crushed my upper jaw - still kind of 
floundering around, as my mind is telling my body what to do, but the ol' 
bod just can't do it that way any more!  It's coming though, and I hope to 
be fully functional again before too long.

Meanwhile, I'm headed back to Israel for another dig session at the Temple 
Mount (and other sites).  I do the digital 3D imaging (21st century 
Viewmaster) on the digs and ancillary activity.  We'll be publishing a book 
in 3D hopefully summer time of '08 documenting some truly startling 
discoveries we've made.  I'm hoping to hook up w/the Jerusalem Jazz Band 
(aka Dr. Jazz) while there and maybe - just maybe - land a gig and stay?  If 
people actually KNEW how beautiful and SAFE Israel is, there'd be a mass 
exodus from the U.S.!

Our website http://www.tubagear.com is booming along.  I just finished a 
book on breathing ("Massive Lungs - The Wind Player's Guide to Exponential 
Lung Power) that is being proofed as we speak by some truly merciless 
editors.  It'll be an ebook that we'll put up on the site in the next couple 
of weeks.

In any case, Don, many thanks for your encouraging words and kind remarks. 
I don't need to tell you to "keep swinging" 'cuz man, you're holding down 
the CATBIRD seat!

Your friend -

Dave Gannett

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> Dear Mr. Big Bison Dog:
> Thanking you for rejoining the DJML after lo these many years. Many of us
> here may not know that you are a real rocket scientist as well as a great
> musician. I wish to encourage your writing to us on whatever comes across
> your radar, especially on jazz subjects. It's always nice to read 
> something
> or hear music by someone whose frontal lobes are in the 'on" position.
> mopo
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