[Dixielandjazz] Frank Rosolino and Black Trombonists

David Gannett evidence at otelco.net
Tue Nov 20 17:44:42 PST 2007

>  I have a couple of Rosolino's Cd's and enjoy them from time to time. That 
> he did what he did has absolutely nothing to do with what he produced in 
> music. >What does any players private life have to do with his music? IMO 
> little or nothing. That he achieved what he did just makes it more sad 
> that he had that tragedy >in his life.

A staggering disconnect from the reality of music.  Your private life, your 
interior life IS your music!  It is exactly what informs your music.  Your 
music is your heart.  We may as well lionize Hitler's poetry or Pol Pot's 
painting.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I do not have any wish 
to offend those on the list, but to me, as a musician, separating who you 
are inside from the music you produce would require a gargantuan 
schizophrenic effort.  Frank Rossolino didn't "have" that tragedy in his 
life.  He created it.  When the wrestler Chris Benoit butchered his family 
and killed himself, he revealed the monster that he truly was.  Perhaps we 
should all rent wrestling manias featuring Chris Benoit and praise his 
fabulous wrestling style?  Party at Bob Leary's house.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the CD's you have, nor is there 
anything wrong in recognizing Frank Rossolino's talent.  But from my 
perspective, the spirit that informed his playing was not one I want in my 
heart or my playing, nor one which I care to revisit.

Dave G 

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