[Dixielandjazz] Louis Brown Fake Book

Janie McCue Lynch janie39 at socal.rr.com
Mon Nov 19 07:05:52 PST 2007

>From Bob: 

"The last I heard, his widow was not interested in handling the fake books.
The only way you could get them would be to purchase a used copy from 
someone else.

Dave Littlefield has some great fake books he has created. "

I believe the last time the Lou Brown Fake Book topic arose that someone
researched it and found that there were some copyright issues that were
murky, and that was the reason the family chose not to continue making them
available.  Just more hassle with clearing up those issues than they were
interested in dealing with.  

I have not heard that anyone else was interested in taking this over.

And yes, Dave's books are great..I have two of them.  Very well done, great
inclusions with good attention to detail and so very easy to read.

Jane Lynch

janie39 at socal.rr.com

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