[Dixielandjazz] Bechet's sarrusophone

James O'Briant jobriant at garlic.com
Fri Nov 16 09:01:21 PST 2007

Brian Wood wrote:

> I do not think there is any question that a sarrusophone is a 
> double-reeded instrument. In fact the sarrusophone was unique in 
> double-reeded instruments.

True, it was designed as a double-reed instrument, but it's also playable
with a single reed on a Soprano Sax mouthpiece.  

> Unlike the oboe or bassoon which have a parallel bore, the 
> sarrusophone, a brass  instrument, is conically-bored like a 
> saxophone. It seems that its inventor  in 1856, a man called Sarrus 
> (!), ...

Mr. Sarrus didn't invent the Sarrusophone. It was invented by Pierre-Louis
Gautrot, the owner of the instrument manufacturing company that bore his
name, and which evolved into Couesnon.  The instrument was named after
French bandmaster Pierre-Auguste Sarrus,  Sarrus originated the concept of a
family of metal, conical-bore double-reed instruments.  But Gautrot was the
one who turned the concept into reality.

Jim O'Briant
Gilroy, CA
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