[Dixielandjazz] apologies....

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Thu Nov 8 03:20:38 PST 2007

Apologies are to be given for my weirdly spaced DJML messages.  I type out
proper sentences, filling each line to it's end on my screen, but when I see
the same message come back from DJML it seems to space itself differently.
The sentences sometimes only have two or three words in a line, and then a
new line is formed.  Weird.  Anyway, 'tis not me, but some type of
incompatibility with the DJML format, I suppose.  Just makes my messages
look poorly prepared.  For example, this message is spaced with a total of 6
lines plus my signature.  Each line is filled completely, except the 3rd
line which ends with the word "of", and the 4th line begins with
"incompatibility".  This line (the 6th) ends here....ending at the end of
the line because I'm filling it up!

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