[Dixielandjazz] Dodds, O'Bryant & Junie C Cobb (was King Oliver & Fred Keppard)

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Tue Nov 6 10:32:46 PST 2007

Hi, Bill,
I'm inclined to say Dodds is not on Little Bits/Struggling. But then the
question is, if not Dodds, then who? The same question for many of the
other sessions that Dodds is questionable in my mind. Perhaps Junie Cobb
on Little Bits...?

I was living in New Orleans when the Black Swan Dodds material was being
assembled, and I told one of the people working on the project that Dodds
was not on a lot of those sessions. Sadly no one seemed to care. They just
went along with what's been written in the discographies.

Just because it's in Rust or Lord's discography doesn't mean it's correct.
When Dick Sudhalter was doing his research on Lost Chords I became very
adamant regarding Rube Bloom's recording of On Revival Day/Wah Wah Girl,
that it was Jack Purvis and not Manny Klein (who played trumpet on the
other Bloom sessions). Sudhalter wasn't convinced until I pointed out that
the break Jack plays on Wah Wah Girl is the same on one of the sides
recorded under his own name!

Chris Tyle

>> As to Dodds' participation on Keppard's Stock Yards Strut, I don't
>> believe
>> that's him. I question a number of Paramount sides that are generally
>> attributed to him, including the Junie Cobb recording of East Coast
>> Trot/Chicago Buzz.
> Dear Chris,
> It sounds like you and I are going to get on jes fine!
> Wot about "Struggling/Little Bits"?
> Kind regards,
> Bill.

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