[Dixielandjazz] King Oliver & Fred Keppard (was Keppard's output)

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Mon Nov 5 13:59:12 PST 2007

Yes Chris --- Joe Oliver was known as King Oliver out on the west coast as 
early as April 1922.

See:  http://www.doctorjazz.co.uk/page10aa.html#29april22

Best wishes.

Mike Meddings.

> Phil O'Roarke wrote:
> "Joe Oliver did not get the king appendage until he went to New York
> and then it was from publicists, not the musicians."
> Sorry Phil, but your information is incorrect. Oliver's 1923 recordings
> are as King Oliver (King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, to be exact), as are
> all of his later recordings. Publicists did not give him that name. This
> is the story from Jazzmen, as related by pianist Richard M. Jones:
> "...something got into Joe one night as he sat quietly in the corner and
> listened to the musicians who were praising Keppard and Perez. He was
> infuriated by their tiresome adulation; didn't they know that Joe Oliver
> could play a cornet, too? So he came forth from his silence, strode to the
> piano and said 'Jones, beat it out in B Flat.'" ...Joe walked straight
> through the hall, out onto the sidewalk. There was no mistaking what he
> meant when he pointed his cornet, first towards Pete Lala's, where Keppard
> played, then directly acrss the street, to where Perez was playing. A few
> hot blasts brought crowds out of both joints; they saw Joe Oliver on the
> sidewalk, playing as if he would blow down every house on the
> street...After that night, they never called him anything but "King"
> Oliver.
> This was sometime prior to 1916 when Keppard left town to play in Los
> Angeles with Bill Johnson.
> As to Keppard's recordings in Chicago, he is definetely NOT on the Jimmy
> Blythe Messin' Around/Adams Apple session. Dave Nelson has been suggested
> to be the horn on that session. Tom Lord's discography reads "unknown" on
> cornet.
> There is no question he in on the Doc Cook/Cookie's Gingersnaps sides up
> through July 10, 1926. I personally think he's on their recording of
> Sidewalk Blues from Dec. 1926.
> He's also on the Erskine Tate Cutie Blues/Chinaman Blues recordings.
> As to Dodds' participation on Keppard's Stock Yards Strut, I don't believe
> that's him. I question a number of Paramount sides that are generally
> attributed to him, including the Junie Cobb recording of East Coast
> Trot/Chicago Buzz. I've been planning on writing an article about this for
> some time, regarding the "mystery" Chicago clarinetist would sounds like
> Dodds.
> Cheers,
> Chris Tyle
> tyleman.com

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