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Rick Knittel knittelsportland at juno.com
Fri Nov 2 17:56:49 PDT 2007

> After years of hiding the fact that the love is
> gone, the last child moves out of the house and Mom
> and Dad announce they are getting a divorce. The
> kids are distraught and hire a marriage counselor as
> a last resort at keeping their parents together.The
> counselor works for hours, tries all of his methods,
> but the couple still won't talk to each other.
> Finally, he goes over to a closet, brings out a
> beautiful upright bass and begins to play. After a
> minute or so, the couple starts talking.They
> discover that they're not actually that far apart
> and decide to give their marriage another try. The
> kids are amazed and ask the counselor how he managed
> to do it.He replies, "I've never seen anyone who
> wouldn't talk through a bass solo."

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