[Dixielandjazz] time signatures

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Sat Jun 30 12:46:44 PDT 2007

We thought that was the trick to "Take Five" back in my high school  
jazz/stage band, but it seems to be a bit more of a subtle difference  
in accent, pick-up and "feel." Swinging in 5, so to speak.

I know some of the Balkan Brass tunes are broken down into patterns  
of alternating sub-measures, but when you see people doing the  
traditional dances to them it really helps to see the flow of each  
full measure. It is very hard to describe in text!  (and since I am  
at best an awkward [read: horrible] dancer myself, I tend to watch,  
listen and enjoy ;-)

Dave Richoux
On Jun 30, 2007, at 12:09 PM, RICK KNITTEL wrote:

> What I have always felt when listening to Take Five was alternating
> measures of  3/4 and 2/4.
> Rick Knittel

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