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Actually I have yet to hear them including on this show.  Their web  site 
will give you good information.
(http://www.sankofastrings.com/ccd/about.html) <

I know of them primarily through their active participation on a  Yahoo list 
entitled, "Black Banjo Then and Now".  I believe they  formed as a group only 
a couple of years ago after meeting at a Black Banjo  Gathering that was an 
out-growth of the Black Banjo list.  All of that in  turn has had support from 
an Appalachian college which I can't think to name  just now, and grows out of 
a doctoral research project on Old Time Banjo  Playing, what the exchange 
between mountain blacks and whites might have been as  reflected in extant 
memories and playing.  The book that came out of that  by Cecelia Conway is "African 
Banjo Echoes in Appalachia".  No significant  OKUM content as the focus is 
Appalachian Folk Traditions and various five-string  finger-picking approaches.
They seem to be finding rapid and steady success in return for their  
extraordinary sincerity and devotion to what they are about.
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I was at  the Prairie Home Companion performance featuring the Carolina   
Chocolate Drops on Friday (live show was Friday, first broadcast on   
First time I had heard (or heard of) them. They are a  very  interesting, 
energy group.  Played more of the  Piedmont blue grass  folk genre for this 
but I got the distinct  feeling that they could do just  about anything.  At 
least 3  players are classically trained.  They  also danced at one point  
the program.  Quality players and  performers.  So  is the group name a 
one or just a tongue in cheek  salute to  the fact that they are all 
Afro-American?  Anyone know they're   background or how long they've been 

K.C.  Clarinet

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