[Dixielandjazz] Carolina Chocolate Drops on Prairie Home Companionthis week (6/23/07)

David Richoux tubaman at tubatoast.com
Sat Jun 23 21:26:54 PDT 2007

If you go to the Prairie Home Companion website now you will have to  
wait until next week when they post the archive. Your local PBS/NPR  
station may or may not do rebroadcasts of the show - www.kqed.org  
usually does an on-line and air rebroadcast at 11AM PDT on the Sunday  
directly after a "live" broadcast on Saturday.

for K.C. Clarinet -
http://www.sankofastrings.com/ccd/home.html  has a lot of info on  
that site about the members of the group and their musical training.

I do not think they are being satirical or posing in any way with  
this music - they really like performing it authentically, but not  
with some "stick-up-their-backside" folk-music academic attitude.

Dave Richoux

On Jun 23, 2007, at 8:13 PM, Fr M J ((Mike)) Logsdon wrote:

> How do you get the current show to play?  Nothing seemed to work.
>> Carolina Chocolate Drops are a very interesting young Black "Old-
>> Timey" String and Jug band with a lot of both skill and knowledge!
>> They should be invited to ANY OKOM festival, in my opinion.
>> http://www.sankofastrings.com/ccd/home.html  and
>> http://www.myspace.com/carolinachocolatedrops  for more info.

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