[Dixielandjazz] Why Not?

Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 23 06:39:59 PDT 2007

Though he doesn't say it directly, here is a thought about playing where the
kids are in New London Connecticut. Or, where ever YOU are.

Note next to last paragraph about the Coast Guard Dixieland Band.

Steve Barbone

Stephen Chupaska  - New London Times Staff Writer

Classical Rock Club 6/22/2007 

I just had a great conversation with Dave Brensilver, the outgoing Times
editor who will be covering East Lyme for the daily paper starting next
week. Dave is a classically trained percussionist who has degrees from both
Julliard and Peabody, but he's hardly a snob when it comes to his taste in
music or where it should be performed. 

He directed me to a piece in Symphony Magazine that ran a few months back
about how orchestras and classical ensembles have been playing concerts in
rock clubs.  

This is something the two regional orchestral music groups, the Coast Guard
Band and the Eastern Connecticut Symphony should really explore. I¹d love to
listen to a Brahms symphony while knocking back a few beers and wearing

The Garde Arts Center is a great place, but I don¹t know too many young
music fans who get excited about ECSO performances.

So why doesn¹t a chamber group or perhaps the Coast Guard¹s Dixieland
ensemble play out at say, The Oasis, Bank Street Café  or The El Œn¹ Gee

It might make for a pleasing crosspollination of music, audience and venue.
And it sounds like a great night out. - Just an idea. 

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