[Dixielandjazz] More about Turk recordings--need help!

Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
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Steve and other Murphy maniacs--
     Sounds like somebody burned a CD from a number of Murphy recordings.
     Some of the songs you mention are on the record "Turk Murphy's 
Jazz Band: San Francisco Jazz" (Merry Makers MMRC-114, recorded in 
February and April of 1984): "San Francisco Jazz" (vocal by Schultz), 
"Tin Roof Blues" (vocal by Yankee), and "It Don't Cost Very Much".
     However, the only recording of Turk's i have with "King 
Chanticleer" on it is _Barrelhouse Jazz_ from 1953.  "At the 
Christmas Ball" is on a different Merry Makers CD ("San Francisco 
Jazz, Vol. 2", MMR03; see 
     I don't know how much this helps, but it was interesting trying 
to track it all down.  Plus, i saw a couple of Turk recordings i 
don't have ("quel fromage!").

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>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] More about Turk recordings--need help!
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>At the risk of seeming like a Turk Murphy groupie...
>A friend has a CD with no liner card, no tunes listed on the disc. 
>It seems like a Music Makers release, possibly from the mid-90s, 
>called "The Best of Turk Murphy's San Francisco Jazz Band" or 
>something similar.  It has the tunes I remember from "San Francisco 
>Jazz"--including the Pat Yankee vocal on "Tin Roof Blues" that I was 
>seeking a while back.  It also has Bob Schulz singing "San Francisco 
>Jazz", the Turk/Pat duet on "It Don't Cost Very Much", and King 
>Chanticleer (which I don't remember from either of the "SF Jazz" 
>The "San Francisco Jazz" recordings were made roughly 1985-85, I 
>think the 2nd of the two was right before Christmas of 85 (maybe I 
>think this because "At The Christmas Ball" is on it??  I'm not sure 
>if I'm confusing things or not.)  SOme of the tracks are very 
>familiar, some are totally unfamiliar.  I have at least one of them 
>on vinyl, but no player to compare and get the titles straight.
>Can anyone help me get the track names straight?  Thanks in advance.

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