[Dixielandjazz] What's a Musician worth?

Larry Walton Entertainment - St. Louis larrys.bands at charter.net
Sun Jun 17 14:24:43 PDT 2007

I know that there are some pretty big differences in musician's pay depending on the market area but this really sucks.

Last night I played at a upscale hotel for one of the upscale bands here (6 pc with 2 singers).  For those of you who know St. Louis, it was the Zodiac roof of the Chase Park Plaza off the park.  Drinks and the dinner which by the way we didn't get to eat was $150 per person.   Also, the band was forbidden by the management to be served at the bar except for water.  Fortunately the bar girl didn't see it that way and gave the band drinks as long as the manager wasn't around and as long as we didn't rat her out for smoking below and behind the bar.  

The couple who got married were both doctors.  They probably make $350K+ a year each.  People were flown in from Boston to attend.

What really made my evening is the $10 tip we got.
St. Louis

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