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Steve Barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 17 09:00:34 PDT 2007

John Petters at jdpetters at btinternet.com wrote: (polite snip)

 > Agree Steve - except the sound system. whenever we play walkin' With the
> King in UK churches we always play acoustic. We close the show with the
> Saints and parade around the church. . . .
> Praise God with the sound of the trumpet and the loud clashing cymbal Ps
> 150 - so we pay hot and I do an extended drum solo - so no polite music
> there. The show is all hymns and spirituals and no secular jazz. These
> are some of my most successful gigs.

Yes, inside the church, we always play acoustic also. Churches seem to have
marvelous acoustics for a jazz band.

Also, the "in church" gigs are gospel, hymns, and spirituals tied to the
theme of the sermon and/or readings.

Did deviate once however, playing "At The Devil's Ball" giving the Devil his
due after a reading about him. :-) VBG.

There is something about playing in church that inspires us and the song
choices are many if you get the theme of the service in advance.

Also, we play two secular numbers starting 15 minutes prior to the beginning
of the service as the people enter. Puts them in the mood.

Steve Barbone

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