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Thu Jun 14 15:05:19 PDT 2007

Of two?
We've discussed it before!
Basie could swing the Beatles, as could Kenny Ball.  The only Beatles
tunes I know (other than The Yellow Submarine, which I remember from
the cartoon) are those eithe Basie or Ball played.
And if they could - why not others?
And how about the Flinstones - the Flinstones theme has becoma a standard.

On 14/06/07, Steve Barbone <barbonestreet at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Mopo makes a good point, as does Ivor. Lots of old tunes that are good tunes
> to play. Heck, I've got 1500 of them in Tex Wyndham's chord book and have
> played most of them. There's only one problem with them.
> The audience for them is dying off. There are damn few, if any, OKOM bands
> out there today that can make a living playing them. Those tunes, still do
> not generate enough interest (in the USA at least) among the musical
> audience so that the bands that play them can exist profitably without
> asking for sponsorships and/or outside donations to stay healthy.
> On the other hand, those bands and/or musicians who play newer pop tunes as
> Dixieland Jazz find that there is a much larger audience out there and they
> will pay good money to hear it.
> IMO, and I know I may be a minority of one, there is no difference in the
> genre if one plays more current pop tunes as Dixieland, rather than
> continually reprising the older pop tunes. (which BTW were not Dixieland
> either until someone decided to play them as such)
> The difference is in the musicians. (and the audience) Some look ahead for
> jazz ideas and some look backwards. Either works in the genre, however those
> that look ahead seem to have an easier time of making a living while also
> expanding the overall audience for the music. To me, that's the ultimate
> reason for being.
> We keep bemoaning the fact that there is no audience for Dixieland. That's
> totally wrong. There is a huge audience for Dixieland Jazz. But you have to
> make the music relevant. Do that and the music will be self sustaining.
> Cheers,
> Steve Barbone
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