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O.K. I'll play.  A trumpet is a Fearsome Thing--as in the angel  Gabriel 
blowing his horn.  Today we tend to think of angels as cherubic or  supernatural 
do-gooders.  But there are lots of Christian Old Testament  references to them 
scaring folks to death.  In the really "good" old days  angels often brought 
By the way, there are plenty of associations in music, lyrics, etc. to  
Gabriel blowing his horn--but does anyone know the source of this  image/concept?  
I have not so far found one.
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Nickname  for a trumpet?   
Someone recently told the story of Garrison  Keillor passing him in
the hallway. Garrison looked at his instrument and  said:
"Ahh, the trumpet. Now there's an instrument on which one can  truly
embarrass himself!" 
Think of a good nickname with that in  mind!
Warm regards,
Bob Romans,

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