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  Larry and List Mates,
  All I recall is that it was a small bar in Boston and between Teagarden sets there was an "exotic dancer" plus an MC who also sang a few songs. Come to think of it , I was struck by the irony when he sang "What Kind Of Fool Am I?". LOL.
  Also, upon reviewing my OP, I see I used the phrase "dark side". This was not meant to imply anything racial at all, rather a reference to the "brothels, dives and other houses of ill-repute" that had been brought up in connection with the origins of jazz.

Laurence Swain <l.swain at comcast.net> wrote:
      Marty Nichols wrote: 

    I particularly recall seeing Jack Teagarden in Boston MA back in the 
    60's in a venue that I thought was far "below" his level. 

    What a shame! 


  Was that venue the Savoy Cafe, on Massachusetts Ave? Small, but clean, with a constant stream of OKOM bands from all over. 

  I spent lots of time there in the 50's and 60's, as it was one of the few Boston venues featuring OKOM groups.  Saw Turk many times, bought a drink for Omer Simeon, and was there the night that Jimmy McPartland took a break and introduced us to his new British wife Marion Page McPartland! 

  If not the Savoy, then where? 

  Larry Swain 
  Backup piano player of last resort, Boston area 

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