[Dixielandjazz] Teagarden in Boston

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Wed Jun 13 12:32:30 PDT 2007

> What was the street number of the Savoy Café on Mass Ave.? 
> Ron L


What was the street number of the elementary school I attended?

I have as much chance of a.) knowing that, or b.) even caring to know, as I knew WHERE 
the school was, and didn't need the address. I don't believe I ever knew it, as I didn't need it.

Same is true of the Savoy.  I knew it was on the Eastern side of Mass Ave, a few doors north 
of Columbus Ave, and never knew the address.  Last time I drove by its location, there were 
no signs of it -- it was then a modest storefront that blends in with the others in that area.  
Haven't been by it again in years.

Mirabalu dictu!  Just did a google search, and at least three entries on the first page of results


give the address as 410 Massachusetts Ave!

Other hits include reminiscences of the good times there, way back when. 

Enjoyed working with you in the past, Ron, and hope to do it again.

Larry Swain
Backup piano player of last resort, Boston area

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> Marty Nichols wrote:
>   I particularly recall seeing Jack Teagarden in Boston MA back in the
>   60's in a venue that I thought was far "below" his level.
>   What a shame!
> ====================================
> Was that venue the Savoy Cafe, on Massachusetts Ave? Small, but clean,
> with a constant stream of OKOM bands from all over.
> I spent lots of time there in the 50's and 60's, as it was one of the
> few Boston venues featuring OKOM groups.  Saw Turk many times, bought
> a drink for Omer Simeon, and was there the night that Jimmy McPartland
> took a break and introduced us to his new British wife Marion Page
> McPartland!
> If not the Savoy, then where?
> Larry Swain
> Backup piano player of last resort, Boston area
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