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  Although Jill Harper's reply to the editor was superb IMO, I am a little surprised at the apparent "upset" the subject article has caused. IMO the article stands self-condemned, and no one is likely to pay it much attention. 
  Marty Nichols
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As most of you know, we, at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee have endeavored 
attract more young people and people of racial diversity to the Jubilee
while still keeping the Traditional/Dixieland/Classic Jazz fans happy.

We were very successful at this, this year what with the Rebirth Brass 
as headliner and several other bands that appeal to the younger and
so-called "hip" audience.  There were many more young people and people 
color there,
enjoying the music and fanning out to enjoy other types of music.

At the same time, we still had 22 or 23 Traditional type Jazz bands, 
than any other festival in the U.S.

For years an alternate newspaper in Sacramento, the Sacramento News and
Review, has constantly knocked the Jubilee.  This year we made some 
in getting some good press from them.  Then this yahoo (did I say 
wrote the following article.

Below is the article which appeared in the Sacramento News and Review,
followed by the STJS Exec Director Jill Harper's reply to the editor.


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