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Just a note on my Selmer G10.  When I started playing the instrument I 
noticed that it was flat throughout the range.  I was a little surprised 
since I had the original barrel joint and it appeared to be way too long.  I 
tried several things and I remembered I had a Click Barrel that they had 
sent me to review when the thing first came out.  It worked shoved all the 
way in.  I eventually bought the better Click Barrel and used it for some 
time.  The instrument played really well and I had no significant intonation 
problems from the short barrel.

I had heard that the 10 wasn't the best jazz instrument but then why did 
mine play so well?  That question was answered by my repairman (Marvin 
Krantz) who is also a world renowned bassoon technician.  He told me that 
over time the bore gets bigger in a wood clarinet, especially if it's not 
oiled regularly and will cause the pitch to drop.

Marvin was a Bassoon player long before he opened his shop and like a better 
mouse trap the world beats a path to his door.  Every time I go in his shop 
there is a stack of bassoons waiting for him.

It's amazing the business that his shop generates.  There are three 
technicians and a receptionist besides Marvin and  Bill Meyers who is also 
an owner and specializes in brass.
St. Louis
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>I mic all the time so nuance can be achieved.  As to horns that were good 
>for volume, my all time favorite, stolen in 1966, was a Selmer Centertone 
>built in '55.  A really big bore instrument, it is missed to this day. 
>With an open-faced MP it was fantastic.  I went to the Selmer Series 10 
>later and then a Buffet R13.  None matched the jazz (of any kind) abilities 
>of the Centertone.  The Buffet is fine for legit but only adequate for 
>anything else IMHO.
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