[Dixielandjazz] Nellie Lutcher dies in LA at age 94

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Mon Jun 11 09:10:57 PDT 2007

Hi Bob:

I was working with her in the late 80s, and early nineties,  and could not give her away, it was as if nobody had ever heard of her same with the tother two great Divas.  

Not surprising about the European singer adoring her, those legendary acts are still highly respected outside the USA,  which is why I am always going on about American Gospel,
 Blues and Jazz music being America's only contribution to World Culture.   There is an enormous amount of Truth in it.   European audiences are much more receptive and respectful towards American Artist in these genres, and Age and color is never an issue for the promoters or the ticket buyers, as a matter of fact most prefer Older Black American Jazzers and Blues performers, and in the Gospel genre  they actually expect to see some older Large Black Lady Singers in the groups.


Tom Wiggins

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