[Dixielandjazz] Nellie Lutcher dies; Fionna Duncan

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     The band may have been the Scottish Jazz Advocates.  I got three 
of their LPs a while ago and Fionna Duncan was their singer, and 
right then she became one of my favorite jazz-singers.

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>Tom Wiggins wrote:
>>R.I.P. Nellie:
>>A nice lady with a lot of unused talent that was sadly overlooked 
>>I tried to book her along with anita O'Day and Hadda Brooks,  a 
>>classic Trio of Jazz Divas if there ever were any, and not one 
>>society even so much as responded to book them.  Sadly, because 
>>they were still singing wonderfully up until shortly before their 
>I didn't know Nellie was still singing recently.  She sure was a 
>very nice lady.
>We had her as a guest star at our Jazz club in Sacramento in the 70s 
>and she was wonderful.  We may have had her at our festival also, 
>can't remember.
>In the 80s or so, when I was living in Tinsel Town, we had a band 
>from scotland over for the Los Angeles Classic or Sweet and Hot 
>Festival, whatever it was called at the time.  The gband had a 
>wonderful singer named Feona (SP) Duncan.  She idolized nellie.
>I called up Nellie and she came over and met Feona.  She was so 
>gracious and Feona was out of her mind what with getting to meet 
>--Bob Ringwald

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