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Thanks Dan,

Seems to me that if that line-up could be balanced and heard in that size
auditorium, then most anyone should be able to play acoustic to a reasonable
size audience. That is, unless the music calls for an electric guitar sound
or some such thing. But even then, I know electric guitar players who play
at a natural volume level.

I am getting to the point where I cannot stand synthesized, electrically
charged music. I find it difficult to tune, to balance (and I don't trust
sound system operators for a minute to balance for me), and the sound just
sounds phony.

At a gig last week, my tuba player couldn't make it at the last minute, and
we had to fill the gap with an electric keyboard player. First off, it was
an outdoor gig, and although I had thought to bring a 10 meter long
extension cord, there was something wrong with the cord and we had a heck of
a time getting electricity to the bandstand. The guy is a top notch young
Russian player, and very agreeable personality, so I didn't want to put down
his instrument. However, during our break, the clarinet player (we were a
trio that night) started saying how we need a keyboard player instead of or
in addition to banjo. So I had to repeat my oft repeated mantra that I
founded the band on the basis of being unplugged and mobile, and that I
wanted to keep the natural sound as our trademark, with only rare
exceptions. The keyboard guy laughed and said I need to enter the 21st
century, and I told him that the young players needed to get back to the
19th, musically.

Today I'm taking a crew to Sderot, the town adjacent to Gaza that is getting
the brunt of the Kassam rocket attacks. We'll be trumpet, banjo, guitar and
washboard, with me alternating between banjo and valve bone if the situation
calls for it. This is one example of the advantage of being mobile. We'll be
jumping from one neighborhood to another, and to the center of town,
accompanying a guy who will be giving out watermelon. I'll try to have some
pix on my website in the coming days.

Cheers to all,

Dr. Jazz Dixieland Band
Tekiya Trumpet Ensemble
Jerusalem, Israel
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  Hi Elazar.
  It was a 700 seat auditorium on two levels about 3/4 full. Seven piece
band,violin, cornet, clarinet,
  valve trombone, bowed bass violin , Spanish guitar, traps (skin head bass
drum, 1 snare drum, 1 cymbal).
  best wishes
  Dan Hardie

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