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Mon Jun 4 03:06:42 PDT 2007

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From: Jim Kashishian

When John's daughter wrote to DJML a few weeks ago about her father not
responding well in hospital, I gathered the worse...news of which we all
received here a few days ago.  I, for one, have sent a note to his daughter,
as I hope many else from the list have.  There has been little said about
his passing on our list, but maybe because we have all written privately.

I had been in contact with Alison since learning of John's hospitalisation 
and, on the day he passed away, had just finished a CD compilation of some 
lesser heard recordings to hopefully boost his spirits. I was about to 
address the envelope when his grand daughter's posting announcing his death 
arrived via DJML. The CD is still sitting here.

Very sad.
John D 

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