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Thanks for mounting this YouTube, Nancy.  Don't mean to say less about  any 
of these fine performers, BUT,
Jennifer Leitham's bass solo, Oh, Wow, and Then Some!  Like watching a  
splendid surfer catching a big wave and riding it in!
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NANCYink at surewest.net writes:

Here is  a YouTube clip I just uploaded
that features the talents of trombonists  Russ Phillips (Chicago) and John
Allred (NYC). Allred surprised the band by  sitting-in last minute, and he
and Russ P had some fun on this one. Also,  for those who were unhappy about
the interrupted bass solo by Jennifer  Leitham on the Jonathan clip, here she
takes nearly a minute-and-a-half  solo.
The room had bad acoustics -- sorry -- and the stage was set up for a  big
band, not this small combo. (You could've driven a semi-truck between  the
piano and drums!) The musicians could not really hear each other, but  did
pretty well, considering. Also in the video are Eddie Higgins,  Becky
Kilgore, Allan Vache, Davy Jones, and Vince Bartels.
"Bei Mir Bist  du Schoen" (minus the intro but still 7 minutes  long)

Love and  hugs,

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