[Dixielandjazz] Something for Nothng was La Fete De La Musique

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No it's all about getting something for nothing - it cuts across cultural, 
social and national boundaries.  So you form a jazz club and talk guys into 
playing for nothing that means you get to listen to your favorite music and 
have a drink for free or at reduced price.  Sounds like a plan and I'm sure 
that in the back of their head.

I got a whiner on the phone yesterday who wanted us to take a lot less 
money, for a Saturday no less, and I said no.  Either you are a hobby 
musician or you are a professional.  But even if you are a hobby musician 
there is no excuse to let them wheedle you down.  Your time and talent is 
worth something.  It's very easy just say NO!

Those guys should not put up with these guys even if they are hobby 
musicians.  I'm sure the list can come up with the top reasons why they want 
you to play cheaper or at least free to them.
1. Other bands work for the gate.
2. We can't afford that, can you do it for less.
3. The Joe Blow band will do it for less
4. This is a ............. group (Church, Senior Citizen and so on and so 
5. You'll get great exposure

I'm sure there are a lot more.
St. Louis

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> Why does it seem like jazz clubs are always screwing jazz bands? Please 
> correct me if I am wrong but I see gigs like that sponsored by jazz clubs 
> all the time. These same jazz clubs claim that they are for the 
> preservation of jazz, but it seems like they care very little for the 
> musicians playing the jazz.
> Mike
> Steve Barbone wrote:
>> Gee, here is a great event by a leading catering house in Washington DC,
>> charging a $15 cover to get in. BUT THEY WANT THE BANDS TO PLAY FOR FREE.
>> Gee, where do I sign up? :-) VBG
>> Funnier yet, the invite was forwarded by members of the local OKOM Jazz
>> Society to all the bands on their list.
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