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Dear mates,
This one from Marek Boym who is still stuck with HTML and can¹t seem to get
out of it!

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Probably the best of Woody Herman.  Even The Band That Plays The Blues could
not match that one.  A real classic of jazz! (Could you pass this on to the
list - because I cannot).

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Re: [Dixielandjazz] Woody Herman's Caldonia
Dear mates, While checking my Woody Herman "Caldonia" records for that
'naughty word' I came across a Woody Herman Quartet LP I had forgotten all
about. With a fine version of "Pee Wee Blues". Yes that haunting Pee Wee
Russell tune. Recorded in New York for Philips in Jan 1962, it features
great, relaxed Woody Herman with Nat Pierce, p; Chuck Andrus, sb; and Gus
Johnson, d. The currently-silent DJMLer, Jack Tracy, was the recording
director for the session. Certainly worth looking for. The original album
was called 'Swing Low Sweet Clarinet'. My reissue Philips' copy is called
'Birth Of Modern Swing'.
Kind regards, Bill.

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